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  • Wired Season 01 Episode 01 S01E01Multi Source

Wired: 1x1

Episode 1

Louise Evans has recently been promoted to Customer Advisor for High Net Worth at ZBG Banking. A single mum to Erica, she’s always short of cash but is currently enjoying life with best friend Anna. Louise agrees to a night out at Anna’s boyfriend’s new bar, but definitely ends up with more than she bargained for after Phillip propositions her, offering her £10,000 if she will help him to de-fraud one of ZBG’s largest clients. Louise refuses to get involved. Drinking in the bar, a mysterious admirer (Crawford) is watching Louise and sees that she could be in trouble, so aids her escape from a toilet window. Phillip orders one of his thugs, Mickey, to go and find her. After seeing her safely home, Crawford gives Louise his number and tells her to call him if she needs him. After she closes the door, Crawford makes a telling phone call. In the flat, Erica has been kept awake by the phone ringing. Mickey has tracked her down and tells her that he’s parked outside her house and she has to come out. Mickey then tries to bundle Louise into the car, but when she struggles, he throws an envelope at her and drives away. After opening the envelope, Louise realises that Phillip is using a past fraud to blackmail her…

Wired Season 01 Episode 01 S01E01
Oct. 13, 2008